Step 2: Hiring tips for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Before tackling this step, ensure that you have completed the background work outlined in step 1 (read it here)


Think about where you are likely to find the best candidates to meet the requirements that you have articulated in the job description and job specification documents. What sort of salary will attract a good candidate, but still be viable long term? If the starting salary is small, can you offer other features like in-house training, part-time work, on-line work from home two days a week? This is a far better option than offering a very small salary and hiring someone who takes the position just out of desperation. Resentment over initial exploitative remuneration never goes away.

Could the position suit a new matriculant, recent graduate, middle aged home-maker, retired person looking for a new challenge? Advertising is expensive. Make it count by placing it where your target market should see it. Beware of the buckshot approach. Now that you are clear as to what you need, it should be easy to aim well.

Remember the value of networking. Your friends and cohorts know your business and can be a valuable source of leads to find the right person.  Make use of social media like Facebook and Linked-In to get the message out. Generally more people get hired by SMMEs through networking, referrals and recommendations, than through more traditional methods however, for some positions, even an advert in your local community newspaper could draw in the right applicants.

Write a list of where people suited to your vacancy are likely to be gathered…make sure that your package bait is attractive but realistically sustainable…go fishing for that person who will add real value to your enterprise.