Retirement Planning
Preparing for Retirement

Retirement has a way of creeping up on one. One minute you are looking at your ten year career plan, and the next you are counting how many paydays in the remaining two years. Research and experience have shown that this generation does not approach retirement as their parents did, viewing it as a well-earned rest from the daily grind. Today most sixty-five year-olds feel totally unready for moving into this unfamiliar stage of their lives.

Step 5: Use your savvy when checking references

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Any applicant with a modicum of intelligence will select those people as referees who are likely to feel well-disposed towards them and to give them a good review. However, a savvy employer needs to be aware that most referees will provide a perfunctory and generally positive or benign reference for the candidate because they :

Step 3: Handling the Applications

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You are likely to be quite taken-aback by the level of interest there is the position that you are offering.  Before you feel too flattered, consider:

Step 2: Hiring tips for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Before tackling this step, ensure that you have completed the background work outlined in step 1 (read it here)

Helping small businesses to handle Human Resource functions effectively without an HR Department

With twenty-five years in Career Development Consulting and a Masters degree in HR Development, I am taking delight in helping SMMEs in South Africa to handle the recruitment and development of staff at a price that is affordable to young entrepreneurs.  One area where you cannot afford to make a costly mistake, is in the field of recruitment of staff.