Annette assisted me through one of the biggest decisions I have recently had to make. Through her ability to listen, absorb and engage, we were able to work on my current situation and what the future held for it. The rebellious teenager I was led me to ignore the need for university and thus when the time came to develop a career, the choice was significantly more strenuous. With Annette's guidance and perseverance, I am now successfully completing my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town via a Recognition of Prior Learning application.
Joel van der Schyff
It's been invaluable having Annette's guidance by coaching two of my managers. I was able to see the real, long-lasting difference which was made through her intervention and support. I would thoroughly recommend Annette and have no hesitation in using her services in future.
Sean Wiblin
MrD Courier
Annette must be the most experienced career guidance person in South Africa. Annette has an intimate understanding of personality, strengths and how to unite the uniqueness of individuals with their chosen field of work. Her insight and wisdom along your journey will bear fruit for years to come.
Mark Baker
Organisational Psychologist, Mygrow
I have worked with Annette Miller for the past 15 years. Annette acts as a consultant to The Harry Crossley Foundation and has provided us with outstanding service in respect of providing psychometric testing, workshops and one on one consultation with our undergraduate students at UCT and Stellenbosch University. Annette's enormous volume of knowledge around all matters of career guidance and her warm and caring personality make her a complete winner with our students. She is always professional and is a complete pleasure to work with. We refer to Annette with complete confidence that our students will receive the best advice.
Linda Whitfield
Director: Student Affairs
I have had the pleasure of working with Annette Miller since I was in UCT’s Student Recruitment Office in the 90s. I continue to work with her as she refers students to me who are interested in engineering and the built environment. I have always highly recommended Annette to parents and students who are looking for career guidance. I find the students she recommends well-prepared, and with a clear idea of what information they require for me.
Mary Hilton
UCT Student Recruitment Office
Succinct and professional, a refreshing relief when times seem a little dark.
Giles Hodgson