Introducing Annette

Annette Miller has always had a passion for people and their growth through education and optimal career choice.

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology and undergraduate Counselling Psychology education, she has, over twenty-five years, built a career practice that has become known and trusted throughout the greater Cape Town area and beyond.  The years of engagement with literally thousands of clients have given her deep insight into the facets that go into making wise and informed career decisions; coupled with an understanding of the personal end emotional journey of the client.  

Annette is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as well as with The Board of Healthcare Funders.  She is also a trained and registered Divorce Mediator with the Family Mediators Association of Cape Town. She also a well-known speaker and workshop facilitator in the areas of career development and corporate team building.


Anette Miller has recently relocated to Australia to be closer to family but the work continues... Living and working in Wollongong NSW, Annette is available to engage with clients in person at her practice or through personalised on-line psychometric testing and one-on-one Skype interviews.  If, as a client, you live further afield, Annette can offer all the services she provides in the comfort of your own home or office through what has increasingly become, for many people, the career coaching method of choice as it enables clients to work within their own time and transport constraints without compromising the quality of the service in any way.

You can enjoy a Skype interview in the comfort of your own home and complete any psychometric assessments on-line in your own time while still enjoying totally personalized one-on-one interaction with a real, live person who has decades of experience in the career coaching space.

Interest & Expertise

Annette has a particular interest and expertise in working with: 

  • Young Adults (under 25) and Students
    • Post-schoolers who need help with curriculum decisions as well as in gaining insight into honing their study courses to ensure better articulation into their preferred career directions.
    • Students who are struggling with the rigors of tertiary education.
    • Students who need regular mentoring in order to overcome the personal factors that hinder their achieving academic success.

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  • Adults
    • Adults seeking career change and achievable and viable career options.
    • Adults needing to re-enter the job market.
    • Adults who are approaching retirement and are looking to self-actualise as well as to leave some legacy in their later years.
    • Adults needing help with resumes / curriculum vitae; and other job-search related skills.

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Firstly, psychometric tests are only part of the overall process. They are valuable in the information that we glean from them, but they MUST be accompanied with lots of time spent interacting and talking through options with a real person. When we discuss the results of the questionnaires, we stress that YOU are the final validator of your own profile. Psychometric tests should never place you in a box. Each one of us is unique and spills out of the box somewhere. However, tests do give us valuable insights upon which to build our discussion.

Secondly, most dimensions that are measured are relatively stable. We are unlikely to change diametrically over a period of time although some dimensions might modify a bit or become less radical as we grow older or mature.

My philosophy is ‘Never underestimate what a woman learns while running a home and raising small children’. Some company executives would blanch at the multi-tasking that many at-home moms practise every day without expecting a raise! Once a woman decides that she would like to re-enter the workplace, a personality assessment with counselling will enable us to find the niche that will fulfil as many of her requirements as possible. From there, we will offer guidance in the drawing up of the curriculum vitae, interview techniques and other necessary aspects.

Wikipedia states that…

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. The field is primarily concerned with the study of measurement instruments such as questionnaires and tests.

Basically this means that the client fills in a variety of questionnaires or undergoes timed tests that measure strengths of aptitude in a selection of fields in order to obtain more objective information as part of the whole career counselling process.

Psychometric tests should never be used in isolation but should be both administered and interpreted by a trained professional as part of a holistic career counselling experience.