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Who am I?

Born and raised in South Africa, I started my working life as a high school teacher before discovering a passion for Organisational Psychology and Career Development Coaching

With a Masters degree in Organisational Psychology (Human Resource Development and Training) and an Executive Coaching Certificate, I ran a busy practice in Cape Town for two decades, and had the privilege of being part of career path discovery for hundreds of school-leavers.

In 2015, my focus shifted to working with adults across the range from those just out of school, to those wanting a career change, to those looking for new challenges for their retirement


In 2019, I relocated to Wollongong NSW, Australia in order to be closer to family, but the work continues.  My career counselling position at the local university and the availability of on-line coaching facilities, enable me to provide my services to local clients as well as to clients across the world.

What is a career?

Careers are decidedly less predictable than they were in the past when career success was measured in terms of status and / or earnings.

The fast pace of economic and technological change means that ‘the job for life’ managed by one’s employer, is a thing of the past.

Adults are now looking beyond the merely financial and prestige factors related to employment, and placing more emphasis on subjective criteria such as job satisfaction; career satisfaction; work-life balance; a sense of personal achievement; and doing work that reflects one’s personal values.

The Working Life has been established to enable students and adults (both employed and unemployed) of all ages to engage with Annette Miller in exploring themselves and their unique gifts and potential and relating that to career management.

What We Offer ?

Adults, Young Adults (under 25s) and Students

Annette has a particular interest and expertise in working with students (post-schoolers, tertiary students) and adults seeking career change / looking to enter or re-enter the job market or adults approaching retirement.


Introducing the Process

Career exploration requires a holistic approach. One needs to consider a range of factors such as:

Through psychometric testing and / or narrative interviewing, we aim to develop a 360 degree picture comprising your personality dimensions; career values; deep career interests; and strongest abilities.

Where could you be optimally placed and what further training would you need gain access to such a career? Where could you obtain such training? Is it a viable choice? Is it sustainable? Will it become redundant in the future?

Assistance in CV writing and interview techniques. Information regarding finding reputable and accredited training / educational institutions.

Where required, regular or intermittent coaching sessions to make the process as positive and satisfying as possible.

NSW Australia but operating worldwide
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International Clients
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