For Adults

Are you asking yourself questions like:
  • Can I really do this for another year / the rest of my life?
  • Is it too late to realign my initial dream with my current reality?
  • How do I go about re-entering the job market?
  • How can I make a significant contribution in my retirement years ?
Are you an employer who is asking yourself:
  • How can I grow and develop this employee to move them towards optimum performance and job satisfaction?
  • How do I identify employee training needs?

The Adult ‘Career Growth or Transition’ package

  • Introductory one hour face-to-face (or skype) consultation with biographical questionnaire
  • Psychometric test battery (about 4 hours)
  • Full printed report and feedback session (one hour)
  • One hour follow up session
  • Further enrichment material and podcasts

Total Cost: R 3,880
Countries outside of Africa: $470 Australian
Optional extra: CV / resume assistance + R 1,000 / $100 Australian

Other options include:

  • Interview Preparation (60 min)

Total Cost: R 650
Countries outside of Africa: $100 Australian

  • Consultation/coaching (60 min OR 90 min)

Total Cost: R 650 (60min) / R 800 (90min)
Countries outside of Africa: $100 Australian (60min) / $135 Australian (90min)

  • Standalone CV / resume option (Price on request).